Running in the Dark: Poems by Beth, New Hope resident

Running in the Dark: Poems by Beth, New Hope resident

Running in the Dark

The little girl closed her eyes and fell asleep.
She was walking on the clouds, you could see her smiling,
She was dreaming
She is now smiling in her sleep.


She woke up, and no more clouds
She opened her eyes and hell it was
She was running in the dark
Her feet were burning
She closes her eyes again,
But it doesn’t work anymore
She can’t dream anymore

Walking on Clouds

She woke up again.
She was happy.
An hour passed…
Two hours passed…
Five hours passed…
Can you believe it?
She was still smiling.
She was finally walking on clouds,
No more burning feet.
She fell asleep smiling,
Knowing she would be safe
Both in her dreams and awake.

Note from the Author:
“Running in the Dark” is the best way to explain my raw and vivid emotions of how my life went from being a ‘normal’ teenage girl to being a refugee and escaping danger. It was like a dream; one moment I was laughing with my friends and enjoying my time, and the other I was running for my life. “Walking on Clouds” is the continuation of my story. I wrote it after I found out that I could stay in Canada. It represents how the dark nights unfolded and gave birth to beautiful mornings.


photo credit: Peter Grostøl

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