Help New Hope Rebuild after the Fire

Rebuilding Community

On Tuesday, April 25 around 2:00am, a fire behind our shed ignited our entire carport on fire. The fire destroyed our carport, 8 cars, our shed and all of its contents, and our community playspace. We thank God that all of our residents are safe and our building was spared.

Many people have reached out asking how they can support New Hope following the fire. We are still working with our insurance company to clearly understand what is covered and what isn’t covered. But we have been thoughtfully considering practical ways that we could use financial donations in efforts to rebuild from the fire. 

If you feel led to support us in this difficult time, your financial donations would go towards filling our immediate and long term rebuilding needs:

Immediate needs:
  1. Responding to the loss of cars for refugee residents (temporary transportation, transit, costs associated with insurance claims)
  2. Therapeutic group programming to process the fire – including counseling services and intentional community events
  3. $5000 insurance deductible
  4. $1600 dumpster replacement
  5. Materials for creating transitional community spaces while we wait to rebuild
Long-term needs for Community Rebuilding:
  1. Purchasing replacement sports equipment and toys
  2. Rebuilding the playhouse and other play areas
  3. Rebuilding costs over and above our insurance coverage
Our carport wasn’t just a carport, it was a community gathering space where we hosted our community dinners, kids clubs, and fundraising events. We know that rebuilding will take a long time and will happen in phases. We have always been creative with using the space we have, and we will continue to be creative! Your donations will also give us the opportunity to dream about how we can make the space even better when we rebuild.
Thank you for your support and generosity. We have felt the outpouring of love from our community.

*While we are very thankful for offers of material donations, at this time it is too much for our staff team to manage.

While New Hope Community Services Society seeks to honour the expressed preference of each gift, I acknowledge that my gift is a gift to the mission of New Hope Community Services Society.  As such, I understand that even though I have expressed my preferences, New Hope Community Services Society retains the discretion to use my gift as it believes will best advance its charitable purposes.  If my preference changes, it is my responsibility to inform New Hope Community Services Society.