Your Donation Will Make A Difference

A donation of $1,000 provides a month of rent and support services for one family at New Hope.


This includes:

  • Subsidizing 25% of rent for each family.
  • On-site resident support staff providing community care for residents.
  • Access to weekly programming such as English classes, tutors, kids’ programs and community dinners.
  • Professional translation services.
  • Attentive landlord services and suite maintenance.


Having safe, affordable housing is crucial to settling into life in Canada. With the housing prices so high and the rental market in the greater Vancouver area so tough, subsidized rent and stable housing is especially important. The support services help newcomers transition into independent, productive lives in Canada.

Every Donation Makes An Impact


All donations, big and small, make a lasting impact. Here are some examples of how your donation can make a difference for families at New Hope:


  • A donation of $200 sponsors one of our monthly community dinners for over 50 people. These dinners are at the heart of New Hope’s mission and provide an opportunity for New Hope residents to socialize together and feel a sense of community.
  • A donation of $100 a month provides an appliance upgrade for one family. Since our building is over 45 years old, we are constantly working to make it a more modern facility for our residents to call home.
  • A donation of $20 a month provides craft supplies for our kids’ programs. With 22 children in the building, we are always trying to provide creative outlets for their boundless energy!

Whether you are able to give one time or on a monthly basis, know that your generosity will make a positive impact in the lives of all New Hope families.