Is your community group interested in raising funds for refugees living at New Hope?

Here are some ideas to help you get started!


  1. Challenge each other to give an hour’s wages towards helping a refugee family.
  2. Sponsor a fundraising dinner.
  3. Host a garage sale.
  4. Organize a bottle drive.
  5. Invite your youth group to do something really crazy that only youth can do.
  6. Ask people to match their coffee money with a donation to refugees for a week or a month.
  7. Invite people to participate in a “change drive” for a month and collect the loose change that is weighing down everyone’s pockets.
  8. Challenge your pastor to shave his head or his beard and invite people to donate in support of refugees.
  9. Take part in the annual Hope in Motion event – cycle or walk to raise money for New Hope!
  10. Simply take up a collection amongst family and friends and tell them the funds will help refugee families move from paralysis to productivity.


Any gifts over $10.00 will be receipted for charitable purposes.

Host a Fundraiser

Transform lives with us by hosting a fundraising campaign. You can use your church’s passions to make an impact and share your heart for the community with your family and friends.


Please contact us today at for more information on hosting a fundraiser.