Another success story

Many of our families have now been with us for close to six months. In this time, they have settled in, the kids are in school, the parents are learning English—life has developed a routine. This is when we start to talk about finding work.

We recently met with a job placement expert who told us it’s a six-month process to get people into the job market (including resume building, skills clarification, and language acquisition). When I heard that, my heart sank—six months is a long stretch.

One of our residents is a Syrian father who has been desperately wanting work. After the meeting, one of our volunteers walked with him to a nearby autobody shop. Within 15 minutes, he was hired to wash and wax cars, vacuum interiors and trunks, and polish chrome. The owner of the shop was an immigrant himself who had moved to Canada from Eastern Europe 25 years ago. When asked about our friend's struggles with English, the owner replied in a thick accent, "You think mine is any good? He'll learn on the job just like I did!"

Achmad is thrilled to have found work. His wife and children are so proud of him. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to have someone believe in you. I wanted to share this story with you so you can see how your support of New Hope helps refugees like Achmad. If you're able, please consider making a gift to New Hope this Christmas, and help us continue to make a difference in people's lives.

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