Every refugee family who resides at New Hope has a church family to “support” them. The support church has a team of 6-10 people who invest 6-10 hours per week to help the refugee family find life in Canada. Included in the tasks are learning about matters like—shopping, medical care, buses, schools for children, libraries, public parks and rec centres, church life, picnics, and relationship building. Would your church want to be a support team to a family in their first year in Canada? It’s rich.

Or, maybe your church would want to sponsor a “community meal?” Every 2nd Thursday, all residents meet together in our hub room for a family meal. A sponsor church brings enough food for about 45 people and we eat together, laugh together, and learn with each other. It involves food for all and requires a team of 4 or 5 from your church to be here for about 3 hours. All plates, cutlery, cups etc are provided. You bring the food and drink, and the residents will provide the dessert.

Or, maybe you want to put New Hope on your Mission Budget? Every resident family lives here requires about $9600 of financial support. One third of that comes from business sponsors, one third from churches, and one third from individuals (giving in various amounts). Would your church want to put New Hope on it’s mission budget?

If you would like one of our staff to come by and present a “refugee workshop” educating your group about this reality, we’d be glad to serve you. If you need a banquet speaker? Or pulpit supply? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Sponsor a Family

We rely heavily on churches in our community to sponsor refugee families that come to New Hope. If your church wishes to take action and change a family's life, please contact us today at

Make a difference in someone’s life today.


If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering with New Hope, check out our Take Action page, call us at 778-394-1191, or email us at


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