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We own and operate a 13-unit apartment building in Surrey. It is designed to provide housing for families as they transition to healthy living in Canada. Residents come to us from a number of directions:

Asylum Seeking Families

When a refugee family arrives at a Canadian border, sometimes they are just desperate for a sense of safety. The Canadian government classifies them as “claimants” and gives them from 90-180 days to validate their claim. New Hope is pleased to offer shelter to asylum seeking families as they work out their situation.

Sponsored Families

Some families arrive to Canada because a local group has sponsored them to come to Canada. It may be a church, a community group, even a team of five concerned Canadians, but the point is—a reliable, committed group of Canadians has undertaken to support this family in their first year of living in Canada. New Hope offers below market level rent in a safe, secure, stable environment for these families to find their bearings.

Government Assisted Refugees (GAR)

Some families arrive in Canada because the Canadian government has recognized their need and invited them to come and safely restart their life here. Most recently 25,000 Syrian residents have come to Canada under such an invitation. They need housing so the Canadian government contracts with New Hope to look after their housing needs for the first 18 months of their life in the Lower Mainland.

Settlement Help

The primary need for refugees is safe, secure, reasonably priced housing. New Hope is pleased to offer this to all three categories of refugees. Once housing has been taken care of, refugees need help to settle into their Canadian life. Included in that are such things as:

  • Job Skill Acquisition
  • Medical/Dental Care
  • Transportation
  • Schooling for All
  • Culture Learning
  • Safe Living
  • Banking
  • Shopping
  • Recreation (and so much more)

As a housing society first and foremost, New Hope partners with community agencies to help refugee families access other resources they may need. We value the expertise that local organizations, capable volunteers and connected social agencies bring in other areas, and we feel the best way to help our refugee families is to collaborate with these groups while we adhere to our mission as a housing society.

Our goal is to see our families move from paralysis to productivity. It makes us both sad and excited when our families “graduate” to their own stable living situation. As one family moves out, there is another family moving in behind them starting their journey.




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